The crazy idea to advertise for a wonderful man came to me as I was filming my last commercial. For years people have called me “Annie Gets it Done” not only in my professional life as a top real estate broker, but in my personal life as well. I can make almost anything happen, but the search for a great life partner has been entertaining (to say the least) but so far unsuccessful. So I created a funny takeoff on the ads that I ran forever, in the movie theaters and now run in the NYC cabs.

Life is short, so I decided to go for it, celebrate my age and creatively market myself like I do my properties. The courage and inspiration to do that came from the hundreds of “Wise & Wonderful Women” whom I have been bringing together over the last year for women-only dinners. The majority of us are 45 or older and are accomplished, beautiful, funny, interesting, and simply fabulous. We are from all walks of life and happily married, single, divorced, or widowed. Their stories and fearlessness reinforced to me how much we have to offer at this point in our lives. I know that my well-lived years have brought me enormous experience, empathy, wisdom, and a whole lot of laughter. So here I go, Wish Me Luck

If you are a great divorced or widowed dad, I hope you will take a chance and CLICK ON “A Man For Ann” to read more about me and help me learn about you. Ladies if you would like more info on Wise and Wonderful Women check out “Events” and also check out our (very new) invitation only Facebook Page.